Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates takes shot at Patriots over headsets

The New York Jets don’t play the New England Patriots until November. But offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates got in a jab at the Jets’ biggest rival on Thursday during his weekly press conference.

Bates was explaining that the Jets’ headsets have gone out on offense in each of the first three games. And then the Patriots came up, unprompted.

“We’ve tried to correct it,” Bates said of the headset issues. “Obviously, (we) understand that that can happen at any time — especially in New England.”

Several teams accused the Patriots of tampering with the headsets at Gillette Stadium a few years back. But ultimately, the NFL cleared New England of any wrongdoing.

Bates raised his eyebrows and gave a little laugh and continued on with his press conference after his playful jab. Although it’s doubtful they’ll find it funny in New England.