How a budding skier became one of the world’s finest chefs

Clearly, Roš is driven and, just like the world’s top athletes, never satisfied.

Despite remarkable success and worldwide fame, she is still striving for perfection. Asked what has been the most rewarding experience of her life, she replied, “It hasn’t come yet. I’m constantly in search of what I really want. I still haven’t reached what I really think should be my life motif. I think the best is yet to come.”

Based on her seasons as a skier, she has every reason to think her best days are still to come. “I lived in a remote place where the ski club didn’t have so much money. We were probably on a much lower budget than other skiers around us. In the second part of the season, I’d win races that I wouldn’t have even thought of winning at the start.

”If you observe my cooking career, it’s actually like a copy and paste. A struggle at the start, but every year it’s getting better.”